Welcome to MANCENT,

The Manchester Continuing Education Network (MANCENT), is a loose network of independent lecturers and students with a firm belief that Continuing Education at a high level should be available to all who want it.

It tries to match interested students with highly qualified and experienced Continuing Education and Universiy lecturers in the Arts and Sciences.

 How it works:

MANCENT operates as a loose network allowing independent self-employed lecturers to choose their own fees and venues, while offering students the convenience of a one stop shop when looking for courses in their field of interest, by offering a joint listing of all events.

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It has been brought to the attention of MANCENT that there are courses run in Manchester that claim to be MANCENT, without being actually being organised through it. Please note, that only the courses listed here are genuine MANCENT courses. We are in the process of taking steps against the impostors.

Birgitta Hoffmann
Course Director MANCENT


Summer 2016:

Dear all,

11 March 2016

The whole MANCENT programme for the Summer 2016 is now online. We hope to have the brochure ready in the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to browse and I look forward to hearing from you.


14 December 2016

All our courses for the 2016 Spring session are now online and as usual you can find the downloadable programme at the top of our side bar. I hope you find it of interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

All the best,

Birgitta Hoffmann

Course Administrator

1 December 2016

We are now able to put our upcoming courses for 2016 online.

Ancient Rome, Art, Egyptology, Film Studies, Latin, Literature Music, Medieval History, Theology, Modern History and Wilmslow Community Archaeology and are now online, the rest will follow in the next few days.

The booklet will go out around the 10th December.

27 August 2015

And as of today the last two courses are also online: Egyptology, Archaeology and Wilmslow Community Archaeology. The booklet will be send out before the weekend. Enjoy!

10 August 2015

The Autumn programme is nearly complete: Today we added Art, Medieval and Modern History and Literature. There may be some more in Conflict Studies and Archaeology/Egyptology to come.

27 July 2015

We have now started to put the autumn programme online. First up are Ancient World, Latin, Music and Theology...the rest of the courses are to follow in the next few day. The paper brochure will be sent out around the 15 August 2015.

13 March 2015

The Summer 2015 courses are now being put online, we hope to send the paper programme out in the next few days.


We hope you find this of interest.

Birgitta Hoffmann
MANCENT Course Director


Yours sincerely,

Birgitta Hoffmann
Course Director MANCENT

The information on the Lamb Guild can now be found here


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Due to persistent technical problems, MANCENT had to change its contact phone number. Unfortunately, the old number is no longer working.

The new number is 07747 533 070.

We now also have a landline number to keep the costs for all of us a bit lower it is:

0161 300 5532.